Neymar refused 32 million per year from Real Madrid


Neymar is finalizing a contract extension with Barcelona.

Before reaching agreement with Barcelona he refused a lot of mega offers from top clubs.
ElMundoDeportivo made it clear that it was not only Manchester City, Manchester United and Paris Saint Germain that were interested about the player but also Real Madrid offered him a contract.

However Neymar love for Barcelona is very big, he did not even think about other offers and money.
According to ElMundoDeportivo Real Madrid made everything to convince the player join them, they were ready to offer him 32 million euro per year and 40 million euros in the moment when he signs the contract for them.


Even though this looks unbelievable, when Manchester United  and Paris Saint Germain heard about Real Madrid interest they immediately improved their offer , they offered him 40 million per year and another 40 million when he signs.

Neymar JR was not interested about this offers, he is currently finalizing the new contract with his current club FC Barcelona.



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