The first shown green card in the history of football!

Cristiano Galano is the first player who has received a green card. At the beginning of the season, the second Italian league (Seria B) chose to honor players who show fair play during matches. And Tuesday in the north-west of Italy, there was a historical moment as referee Marco Mainardi decided that Galano got to be part of history. In the 53rd minute, Venice’s was awarded a corner, but Galano  admitted that no player of Virtus Entella had touched the ball.

While referees has not been given a green card to show on the field, all those who receive will be documented in the race who will get more green cards at the end of the season. But the president of the Series B Andrea Abodi said that players will receive green cards only when they show tremendous gesture. “It’s a symbolic price. It can be something very simple. The important things is to appreciate the player who will make an exemplary gesture. “


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