He scored 193 goals for Chelsea, played for England in World Cup. He is a plumber now! (FOTO)

Ex England striker, Kerry Dixon now works like a plumber after 9 months spend on jail, the reason why he got to jail was a brutal fight in a night club.

55 years old Dixon, who has played in World Cup 1986 with England national team, he has also scored 193 goals for Chelsea, he got arrested last year after attacking a person in night club.

He was in jail for 9 months , after he got off jail he started to fix tubes for a company. Now he is working as a plumber to survive.

“I fix tubes to survive, but its not strange to me I have worked a lot of other works like this, I need to make money”.

“I am trying to make everything to get my life back to normal” staed Dixon.

Dixon was announced guilty from the judge because he brutally kicked Ben Scoble on the head.

This happened in a night club, his excuse was that he was provoked from the other person and he also had a problem with him before 10 years.

Dixon has eight appearances for England, and was part of Boby Robson squad in World Cup 1986.

Dixon stated than fame caused a lot of problems to him, but he believes that he will turn things around.

He also has relieved his autobiography “Up front”.

Kerry Dixon in his company van after reinventing himself after hitting rock bottom.


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