Fury loses all the titles!


Fury has lost all the heavyweight boxing titles. Fury himself approved for the English media that he used cocaine to fight depression, he also confirms that he will give up WBO and WBA titles.

There are other bad news for him, British Boxing Federation could take him the license and he wont be able to get on ring again.

“I should really focus to overcome this new challenge, and it is not going to be easy, but I will win it like the challenge with Klistchko” stated Fury, ane he also added “I won the titles on ring and I should have lost them on the ring, but at this moment I am not in situation to defend them, that’s why i decided to give up from my world titles, I do this because of the respect for this sport”


The agency of the boxer “Hennesy Sport” also stated: “Fury will need some time to fully recuperate, and the medical staff will be there to help him”. His trainer also said that : ” Fury will be back stronger and will get everything that belongs to him”.



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