Ribery: Griezmann, not a world class player


Franck Ribery surprised with his statement about Griezmann. This years was not a lucky year for the Atletico Madrid winger, he lost the Uefa Champions League final and Euro 2016 final but his performances were grate.

Griezmann left behind this bad stories and started the new season in excellent way. Lot of   journalists and football specialists praise him but Bayern Munich winger doesn’t think like them, he thinks that what Griezmann has achieved do not make him a world class player.

“I think that Grizemann is not a world class player, he has not made any improvement last seasons in Spain and European competitions. If he stays in top form for the next 10 or 15 years, than i will praise him. I had a terrible injury and now I am back like I was before the injury. In the last 10 seasons I have always been among the best players”.


This statement could be a personal revenge from Ribery because  we all know that Griezmann now has number seven in French national team this number belonged to Ribery when he played for France.



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