Griezmann replies to Ribery

It didn’t took long time for Griezmann to reply Ribery about his last interview where Bayern player said that, Griezmann is not a world class player.

Bayern winger surprised everyone with his recent comments about Griezmann when he said he is not a player who is always in top form, and this does not make him world class player.

Atletico Madrdi key player didn’t hesitate to reply in diplomatic the critics that Ribery said about him.

“Sincerly, in this aspect he is right, but I’m sure that I’m in the right path to improve. And it is normal, everyone has an opinion” said Griezmann.

“According to my father and Atletico Madrid fans I’m the best in the world. I will say it again, I will continue to work hard. And we will see in the end of my career what player I have been. But I have 10 more years in front of me.” said Griezmann.


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