Ron feels RM ‘don’t protect him’


Cristiano Ronaldo ‘doesn’t feel protected’ by Real Madrid which is behind his decision to leave the European champions, claims a Portuguese journalist.

Nuno Luz – who is viewed in his native country as a reputable source on the 32-year-old superstar – was speaking in relation to the club’s position on the €14.7m Ronaldo allegedly avoided in paying tax.

“Ronaldo has decided not to play again in Spain,” Luz told Radio Marca after reports emerged on Friday the player wished to leave the Bernabeu.

“He considers that he has been harmed by this fiscal issue and nobody is defending him.


“He did things properly but now his will is to look for a new club.

“He likes Spain, he lives in a perfect city like Madrid, he has a Spanish girlfriend, but at the moment, and he won’t say it, Ronaldo doesn’t feel protected by Madrid.

“He’s annoyed because it’s not a player issue, it’s a club one in the fiscal sense, but I do not want to talk about this too much because I know a lot.”