Pique: this is the way how i met Shakira!


When you are rich and famous, you do not need to exert yourself to attract a girl and Gerard Pique is testimony to this.

Barcelona defender has made public conversation how he started to flirt with Shakira, tha would later become his wife. “For the first time in Madrid Shakira I met during filming for the clip of the song ‘Waka Waka’ before the 2010 World Cup and there I took her number” Pique begins his story. “She arrived in South Africa before us (Spanish team) because she had sing at the opening ceremony. I texted her and asked how it was weather because i had to go there in a few days, ” “It was one of those stupid questions that you normally do and expect answers like” it’s cold, it takes a sweatshirt. But, she wrote an entire paragraph, telling me in detail the temperature for all day, “said Pique. The defender shows the reaction when he saw the message of the sexy girl like Shakira knew that things are turning on good way.  “I thought, ‘God, this is not normal.” Exactly so detailed answer let me know that there was something. We communicated with messages throughout the World Cup, but the only option was to meet in the final as she will perform at the closing ceremony. I said that if we reach the final, will meet and it was so. It was the second time I met her after the match finished of course “, concludes Pique.



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