It happens in England, hundred of pigs on football pitch (VIDEO-FOTO)


Last day in English League One match between Charlton and Coventry an unusual thing happened.

This unusual thing happened because of both team fans are unhappy with their club financial problems and that is the main reason they have dropped to League 1 ( third English league ).

Fans are not pleased how the club board are managing the club, they started throwing plastic toy pigs on the field to show their revolt.

Charlton - Coventry 2

The match was stopped because the field was full of plastic pigs and it was impossible to play like that.

Charlton - Coventry 3

After this situation, the fans are waiting for the club board to leave the club and new owners take the club. One and a half year have passed and the club owners are not hearing the fans to leave the club.


But we should also state that this game the home team won the game with a clear result 3-0.

Even with this win Charlton are still away from the top of the table and chances to get back on English Championship are very low, they are currently on 15th position with 15 points, the fist place on the table belongs to Scunthorpe with 28 points.

Charlton - Coventry 1



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