Once his salary was 1440 euro, today he earns 13.8 million pounds: This was Nolito first profession

Spanish international player told us about his first profession before becoming a footballer.

For Manuel Agudo Duranin also known as Nolito, butcher was his primary profession before football,  he worked in his neighborhood called Sancular, Cadiz city.

“As a 15 years old boy I used to work as a butcher , then after work in the i used to go in training with my team” said Nolito who in that time earned 30 euro per week.

He has been grown by his grandparents, who where like mother and dad to him, and his uncles where like brothers to him.

Today Nolito earns 13.8 million per year in Manchester City, and today he will visit his country Spain where he will face Barcelona in Uefa Champions League.


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