With 55 million budget, Milan “shock” Seria A


AC Milan for a long time are not pleasing their fans on transfer market, they are also criticized because they do not spend on buying quality players.

Galliani and Milan staff are accused because they buy players the club doesn’t need and are not top players.

But this is all for one reason, and we all know that Milan finances are not like they were years ago, and they can only spend a limited amount of their transfer budget.

It seems like the new coach Montella has found the way how to use the young talented players and help the club to spend less money.

According to GazzetaDelloSport, Milan needed only 45 million euros for transfers and they are now in second position on the Seria A table.


And the politic of the club to transfer players with 0 transfer fee is not a bad strategy, Milan can get a lot of money if they sell Alessio Romagnoli to Chelsea.

Chelsea are ready to offer Milan 55 million euro to transfer the player, it seems like Juventus are not letting Bonnuci to leave the club and Antonio Conte now wants AC Milan defender.

Chelsea and Milan could also reach agreement for Cesc Fabregas, Milan has shown interested about the player and now it could be easier to get the Spanish international midfielder if they sell Romagnoli.



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