Champions League Will Be Live On Facebook

Champions League, the most elite football competition, will be watchable on Facebook next season.

Fox Sports has announced that they’ve partnered with Facebook and will stream the Champions League matches live on this social network in 2017/2018.

Additionally, some of the Champions League games will be exclusively featured on Facebook and Fox Sports GO, while others will be shown on TV. Social networks like Facebook and Twitter are increasingly struggling to showcase sports events because of the increasingly younger population that uses the Internet as the primary source of information.

Fox Sports will start streaming Champions League on their Facebook site in the US early next season. The contract they signed guarantees two live games each day in the group stage, four matches in the eighth-finals and four matches in the quarterfinals.

Alongside Champions League, Facebook has also made an agreement to show the matches of the Major League Baseball League, so you can watch 20 matches of this competition on Facebook.

Twitter will also allow their users to track the Canadian Football League (CFL) through a 30-minute show that will track events from that league. In addition, for the next few years on the same network, you can also track NFL live broadcasts.