Robben tells the difference between Ancelotti and Guardiola


Pep Guardiola or Ancelotti , both of them are world class trainers and Robben knows this very good.

Bayern Munich winger in a interview spoke about the differences between this two trainers, but to compere this two trainers is hard form him because there can be a lot of misunderstandings.

“You need to be very careful when you speak about two trainers. If you say one of them is better than the other, people will think that the other trainer is not a good at his job”.

But normally there are differences and Robben told something.

“Pep Guardiola was occupied from football, for him 24 hours a day are only football. We had a very important evolution when he was with us, we changed the way of the game, we did not play the same way before. With Ancelotti we have more freedom in game”.


Lot of medias speculated about the bad relations between Guardiola and Robben, but Robben confirmed that all of this was not true.

“We had a very good relations with Guardiola, I liked his philosophy and the way he wanted to play, but things with Ancelotti are perfect for him I can only say positive words.” declared Robben.



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