Mourinho talks about penalty incident between Martial and Pogba


Last night there was a conflict between Poul Pogba and Martial about the second penalty.

Poul Pogba took the fist penalty for Manchester United, but he wanted to take the second penalty again.

Martial didn’t allow Pogba to take the penalty, he got the ball and he scored the second goal of the game.

This conflict didn’t worry Jose Mourinho, he said that this is big problem because Martial is a good penalty taker.

“Maybe he didn’t want the penalty to be repeated, because the first one was minutes before the second one”
“Martial earned the penalty and he is also excellent penalty shooter, and this doesn’t worry me” aid Manchester united boss Jose Mourinho.


Manchester wont the game last night against Fenebahce with deep result 4-1, Vane Persie scored the only goal for Fenerbahce and this was welcomed by the crowd.



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