How much will Real Madrid spend only on contract extensions?

Real Madrid has started to “block” main players of the team. After Toni Kroos and Luka Modric that signed a new contract with Real Madrid until 2022, the same is expected to do even Cristiano Ronaldo and Lucas Vazquez.

According to an estimation made by the newspaper “AS”, extension of contracts with wage increases, Real Madrid will cost additional 31.4 million euros a year. Kroos had a salary of 10.9 million euros per season and now with a new contract until Germany will benefit 20 million in a season. Also Luka Modric’s new contract will be improved and similar to something like Kroos. Also Ronaldo and Vazquez will have improved wages with new contracts and all of the renewals will cost Real Madrid at least 31.4 million euro only in a season.