Premier League club made inquiry for Real Madrid and Spain U21 player!

Liverpool have made an enquiry to Real Madrid about the availability of Marco Asensio. We have a player profile for you to get clued in on our latest target:

According to the Daily Express Liverpool and Arsenal have both been in conversation with Real Madrid about the transfer of their young midfielder Marco Asensio. Last season saw the Spaniard shoot to fame. He capped his breakthrough year with the fourth goal for Real Madrid in the Champions League final. So let’s take a look at the latest player we have been linked with:
Physical Attributes:

He is a good-sized midfielder capable of matching the physical demands of the Premier League. While he shows adequate strength his physical advantage comes from his pace. He shrugs of defenders easily but that comes less from brute force than from bursts of focussed energy. Although Liverpool do not play an aerial style of football, we face many teams who do. One downside is he displays very average ability in the air.

Yeah, this is not issue. You expect young Spanish players to have high technical ability but Asensio is on another level. His ball control and dribbling are elite. He has that trait of seemingly being able to make the ball do whatever he wants; like a golfer controlling the spin. He is a very good passer but tends to thread through balls (think Ozil or Fabregas) rather than dictate tempo (Xabi Alonso or Iniesta). His finishing is excellent for a midfielder.

His willingness to execute Zinedine Zidane’s instructions elevated him into the first team. The greater level of effort and teamwork he offers basically put James Rodriguez out of the squad. In his videos you can see his excellent anticipation. He uses his pace to intercept passes that are slightly underplayed. Racing on to the mistake he turns defense into attack instantly. This is something Lionel Messi did a lot earlier in his career. Also he is hyper competitive, which is perhaps one reason he may not leave at all; to fight for his spot at the Bernabeu.