FIFA to punish Santos after Barcelona accuse about Inter talent


Santos could be punished by FIFA and the reason is because Barcelona accuse them for selling their talent to Inter.

All of this is about Gabigol transfer from Santos to Inter. Barcelona had the right to bye the player before Inter.

At the time when Barcelona signed Neymar from Santos , the Catalan club signed a contract with Santos for the right to purchase three players.

Vitor Andrade, Giva and Gabigol have been part of the contract, Barcelona is the fist team that has the rights to by the players and Santos need to contact them before selling the players.

Gabigol signed for Inter this season and now Barcelona charges Santos for not respecting the contract. Santos should have informed them about Inter offer and if Barcelona made the equal offer Gabigol would have joined Barcelona and not Inter.


Gabigol had no rights to leave for Italy without Barcelona approval, and that is why Barcelona sued Santos.

According to Spanish media, Barcelona want 6 million euro fee from Santos because they did not respect the contract made before.

We remember that Gabigol joined Inter for an amount of 29.500.000 euros, if Barcelona made the same offer automatically Gabigol would have joined his ex teammate Naymar at Barca.