Barzagli angry after losing to Milan


Andrea Barzagli was angry after AC Milan defeat and also abotu the canceled goal.

Juventus lost 1-0 and the only goal was scored by 18 years old young talent Manuel Locatelli in the second half, but in the first half Juventus was the team that scored the fist goal from a free kick taken by Pjanic, but it was disallowed by the referee minute later.

“I am really angry because we lost the game, and I can not talk about my performance”.

“I have to say that we had two bad moments in the match. Obviously we have played better in other games that we have won, tonight we lost and that means that we had to play better”.


“The goal was canceld after the main referee disused with the line and goal judge. They together decided that Bonucci had influence in Donnarumma reaction”.

“The goal was canceled incorrectly, and it is a little unfair, but we had another 60 minutes to win, but we failed” said Barzagli.