Ryan Giggs hits on United players.


Ryan Giggs has criticized Manchester United players after the 4-0 defeat by Chelsea.

Red Devils players although they suffered humiliating defeat, after the match were quite and laughing, as if nothing had happened and this attitude wasn’t approved by the United legend Ryan Giggs.

“You can lose in a football match, but is not good to change shirts specially when you have bad result like this. This is something I do not like and you can even call me an old fashion” said Giggs.


He also added that “If you are defeated 4-0, just congratulate the opponent , thank the fans and leave the pitch.”

At the end of the critics Giggs also said that it’s not acceptable to stay on the field, laugh and change shirts with opponents who already have won you with deep result.

Above you can see picture of United players that seems not worried at all with the defeat from Chelsea with a result 4-0.