Cristiano Ronaldo profile as football player and outside the field!


Cristiano Ronaldo together with Lionel Messi are the footballers that have the biggest attention from the football fans. They both are the best in the world at the moment. Of course there are ups and downs for both of them but still they secured the place in the glory hall of football legends like Pele, Maradona, Zidane or Ronaldo (Il fenomeno).

Today we will make a short profile of Cristiano Ronaldo, both as football player and as a normal human outside of the pitch.

Cristiano Ronaldo first steps!


He is born in February 5th, in Funchal – Portugal. He is the youngest from the four children of Maria Dolores dos Santos and Jose Dinis Aveiro. He got his name from his fathers favorite actor and later President of United States – Ronald Regan.

He grow up in a family with not a high standard of living. Because of his father’s problems with his health and died in 2005, the year when Ronaldo started his best days in Manchester United.

He started to play football in his first club Nacional de Maderia until 2001 when he made the transfer to Sporting Lisabon. At age of 16 he had a match against Manchester United.As a result of perfect performance that he had, the eyes of Sir Alex Ferguson were on this young boy until he transferred him to Old Trafford, where the professional career started and never stopped the success.

His time in Manchester United, Real Madrid and Portugal National Team


He helped Manchester United to be three times the Premier League champion and he justified the salary of 31 million pounds that he got with the signing of the five year contract in 2008.


A year later after he singed the contract the future of Ronaldo was seen more out of Manchester United because he wanted a new challenge and here came the offer from Real Madrid, that was difficult to be refused both by United and the player so he accepted to move in Madrid with a record transfer fee of 131 million pounds that Real Madrid paid to Manchester United.

Beside the World Cup champion he has got all possible trophies that a soccer player can get. Also, starting from his personal achievements like Ballon d’Or, Golden Boot, Fifa world player of the year and the last one as a European cup winner this year in France.

Cristiano Ronaldo outside the pitch


He has great personality and friendly attitude towards his fans. Usually we have seen him taking care for the small kids that accompany the football players in the matches. Ronaldo has been never arrogant with the fans no matter that he has a boost character in the field. As a result of the incomes that he has, he gives a lot help in money to Palestinians that are suffering from the conflict in middle-east. Cristiano is completed as a person and as a football player.

Definitively, he has a plays in the Glory Hall of fame on the football history! You can check more about Cristiano Ronaldo on his personal website:

We will continue tomorrow with new profile for football players. The next will be Lionel Messi!