Feeding tips, for all of you who workout


Almost everybody knows that 70-80 percent of success  depends from feeding. In the gyms mos of those who exercise say that muscles are formed in the kitchen more than in the gym. It is not important only how much we eat, but what we eat and when we eat. In fact the exercises are the easy part, this means you can workout 1-2 hours per week, it depends by your desire. Body improvement fails as a result of bad feed timing and not resting enough, in fact this requires attention for 24 hours.

If you ask someone who has knowledge with bodybuilding and  fitness which are the main food meals for bodybuilder, most of them will tell you breakfast and post-workout meals. This is true but we also should not forget the importance of the food before workout. In this text we will tell you about the food before and after exercises.

Food consumption before and after workout has a special importance in results that we achieve from the gym, respectively regeneration and development after workout. There are some rules that have to do with both meals. For example before and after fitness workout, food consumed should consist proteins and carbohydrates.

You should avoid gease in both meals, because it slows down digestion, which means this is not preferred before and after exercise. Essential fatty acids which body needs should be taken with other foods. We think that it is good to consume other type of proteins before and after workout. In the further text we will write about this changes and we will answer this questions. Eating food after workout is a complicated question and has much to explain, so we will write in details for this.

Eating Before exercise

Eating before exercise will determine whether you will be able to give your best in training, will you be able to make extra repetition or to add more weight. Eating food before exercise will make it a lot more easier to lift more weight. Certainly it has happened to go hungry  in training, you might have eaten before 5-6 hours and for sure you can make the difference how much force you have when you have had a good meal 1 or 2 hours before training.

Big difference or?!

Two basic rules about consuming food before the workout:

Eat one ore two hours before exercise (those who have fast metabolism one hour before exercise. those who have slow metabolism two hours before).

30 minutes before starting the workout take the right supplements.

What to eat before workout? Meal before workout  should contain a large quantity of carbohydrates which dissolve slowly, this will provide constant energy to he muscles for a longer time. These are called carbohydrates with low index glikemik. The best carbohydrates are integral bread, sweat patatoes, brown rice etc.

We need absorption that will lasts until the end of training.

Eating before training should definitely contain proteins. Priority should be given to those which are slowly absorbed. You can eat me at fat free or eggs. If you take proteins like this will keep amino acids in the blood for several hours.


If your workout is longer than 100 minutes there are some experts that suggest to consume a low amount of fat (of course good and unsaturated fat) in our food before exercise. In order to defer the time of absorption. Before workout it is very good to consume fruits because they contain a lot of vitamins and minerals which prevents muscle spasm.

If you need to eat more before workout, than 40-50 grams of carbohydrates and 30-40 grams of proteins will be enough. It is better for us if our stomach is not overfilled with food.

There are plenty of supplements which are preferred to taken before meal:

– Stimulants which increase mental focus and energy: caffeine, tyro-sine, niacin, L-carnitini, ginseng etc

– Blood stimulants: arginine, argenine-ethyl-ester, etc

– Multivitamines and antioxidants  may after workout.

– Creatin after workout also.

There are product that contain all of this things and that are good pre-workout, but you should check if the product have all of this thing before buying.

Food after exercise

After exercise there is a period of two hours, which is crucial for regeneration. For those two hours
nutrients  in the body are developed in very rapid way. After exerciese muscules are like sponge, they only absorb nutrients., that’s why it is very important what and how much we eat in this two hours. In our opinion we should eat to meals for this two hours.

What in fact we want after exercise? during the training we have left without the reserves of glycogen in the muscles and they need to fill as soon as possible. Glycogen are harmonized carbohydrates. It is a derivative to the muscles, if there is not enough the muscles will not function properly.

How much carbohydrates should be spend after exercise exactly? We belive that most of you have heard about Dan Duchanie, who was one of the best bodybuilding instructors. He believed that in mass increase phase within two hours after your exercise you should take 2 grams of carbohydrate per kilogram of body mass without fat.

It is important for us to not count the total weight, but it is important to deduce the amount of fat. A man about 100 kg in addition to 15% retention of the fat should take 170 grams of carbohydrates two hours after exercise. This is in accordance with the opinion of Chris Acetos  which man weighing 90 kg is suggested to take 600 grams of carbohydrates per day, provided that a quarter of those you take after your exercise.

Many of those who workout everyday consume fruits because fruits contain sugar and other useful things. If you chose to eat fruits after training than chose the fruit that contains more glycogen than fructose.

After training it is necessary to to get  nutrients in drinking form, for rapid filling of glycogen reserves.

A liquid rinse should be 30-60 minutes for a complete absorption, whereas solid food 2-3 hours.  We can not stress how often all carbohydrates and protein after your exercise will reach the muscles, of course, our chance for muscle development and for a fast regeneration is high.

It is not preferred to use shaker with any milk or fruit juice. Let the water remain. Fat in milk, casein respectively, then fructose in fruit juice will not be useful.

Many feed supplements is best to use immediately after exercise, here is part of creatine (which is not harmful even before you worked) as glutamine, as well as vitamins and minerals, especially antioxidant against free radicals, also branched chain amino acids BCAA.

If we do not get useful nutrients will then not have the muscles that have dreams.