Zlatan: Come and fight with me!


Zlatan Ibrahimovic has made a name for himself off the football pitch as one of the most confident personalities in the world of sport.

He routinely refers to himself as “God”, has said he need not get his girlfriend a birthday present as “She got Zlatan” and, best of all.

“I can’t help but laugh at how perfect I am.”

Now with Manchester United, he’s surprised most with his ability to adapt to life in the Premier League and recently surpassed 20 goals for the season.

He’s now decided to take on sport’s smoothest talker in Conor McGregor and his potential opponent, boxing legend Floyd Mayweather. The Swede told Mundo Deportivo.

“I’m sick of the drama between Mayweather and McGregor,”


“It would be better for both of them to stop their antics and fight against me. Let’s see how it goes, but the two will go straight to the hospital!”

Talk of a potential bout between the two has swirled for months now as McGregor continues his hiatus from MMA and “Money” enjoys a potentially short-lived retirement.

Both have teased fans with intriguing social media activity and odds are narrowing on the “Billion Dollar Fight” actually going ahead. However, the logistics alone make it almost impossible for the two superstars to face off.