Ibrahimovic: City fans become United fans after they meet me!

Zlatan Ibrahimovic says he has a unique effect on the Manchester City fans who meet them on the roads – “he manages to turn them into Manchester United fans.”

35-year-old says he has a special way to confront the rival team fans when he meets them out out on the streets of Manchester.

“I met many (fans of Manchester City), but they becomeĀ United’s fans as soon as they meetĀ me!” said Zlatan in an interview.

He said that derby matches are not problem for him because he has played moany of them with Ajax, Juventus, Inter, Barcelona, Milan and Paris Saint-Germain, but has noticed a change in the Manchester derby.

According to Ibra, in other countries where he played, the derby has passed the football norms roads where fans fight on the roads and keep them busy while in England they are more relaxed after these matches.