‘I have to earn 10’


Federico Bernardeschi explains why he won’t wear number 10 for Juventus – “I have to prove I deserve it”.

The Italian international wore that number for Fiorentina, and with the shirt free in Turin it was suggested that he could take it over.

Previous wearers include Roberto Baggio, Alessandro Del Piero and Michel Platini, and Bernardeschi doesn’t feel he’s ready to wear it yet, as he’s chosen 33.

“There’s a lot of respect for this shirt,” the forward explained in his presentation Press conference.

“I think it’s right like that, and I think I have to prove I deserve to wear it as I proved in Florence

“So this year is the right one to show the club, the Coach and my teammates that I can wear it.

“I absolutely like the number 10, and if it was for me then I’d have taken it. It’s right like this though, I repeat, I have to deserve it.


“I took the 33 because I’m a believer, I’m religious [33 is connected to the promises of God in Christian philosophy], so I think that’s the meaning.

“It’s heavier!

“Juventus represents one of the top clubs in the world, one of the four or five top clubs in the world. It represents history, a part of world football history.

“It’s a great emotion to be here and I want to live these emotions from first to last.

“I’ve always been impressed with one thing: the mentality which Juve have always had and maintained over the years.

“Mentality, grit, tenacity and determination. When you face Juventus as an opponent you know these things and you feel them on the pitch.”