Ronaldinho Thinks that this Brazilian Can Replace Neymar in Barcelona

Brazilian legend Ronaldinho says that he did not advise Neymar to join Paris Saint Germain, but instead told the player to follow his heart. Neymar joined PSG from Barcelona this week in a world record fee.

Ronaldinho moved in the opposite direction back in 2002, joining Barcelona from Paris Saint Germain. But the ex PSG, Barca and Milan player says that he did not give Neymar any particular inside information.

“I played for both clubs and of course Barcelona are the most important team historically, but both clubs are now at a level where they compete for the biggest trophies. I told [Neymar] that he had to make the right decision for him.

“I did not want to advise him anyway – I just told him to follow his heart and I hope he did.” Ronaldinho says Barcelona will need to act wisely to replace him and suggested Liverpool’s Philippe Coutinho could step into the breach.

“There is no doubt that Barcelona will try to replace Neymar, but the problem they have is that the clubs now know their financial position. The value of Neymar’s exit has been made public and the clubs will know that Barcelona has all that money.

“They will not let their best players leave cheaply. There are only a few players in the world who can replace Neymar and I have said before that I think Coutinho could play for them. He is on a level where he could come and fill the gap left by Neymar.”