Klopp: I can not control Coutinho

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp concedes Philippe Coutinho’s fate is out of his hands as the attacker tries to force a transfer to Barcelona.

Coutinho handed in a transfer request on Friday, and despite Liverpool’s stance that the Brazilian will not be sold, he missed Saturday’s 3-3 draw with Watford and is likely to also be absent for the first leg of the Reds’ Champions League playoff against Hoffenheim.

“I can say something that is maybe more important,” Klopp said at a Press conference.

“As a manager of a football club I have bosses. And if the bosses decide, for example, just in general, if sell a player or we don’t sell him, then I have to accept it.

“If they don’t sell him, then I’m not involved anymore. I am responsible for all of players, not just one, two or three. I cannot say anything about it. I work with the players I have, that is what I’m always doing.

“So how does it change something for me? I didn’t make the decision.

“I think it was pretty clear what the club, FSG, said about it. At the moment, I’m just concentrating on my team.”