Incredible, see how much Bale earns for one second, minute, day and year after his new deal

Real Madrid has announced that Gareth Bale renewed the contract until 2022. The contract renewal will add a lot of moneys to his account for the next six years.

The Guardian reports that from the new contract Bale earns 388 thousand euro a week without taxes (taxes 665 thousand euro), or 166 million euros in the next six years.

If these numbers are true, Bale is the highest paid athlete, but we must not forget that the renewal of Cristiano Ronaldo has not come yet, while Ronaldo currently earns 326 thousand euro week.

Bale earns without tax: 64 cents per second, 39 euro per minute, per hour 2310 euro, 55 429 euro per day, 1.6 million euro per month and 19 million euros per year.

To be clear, his annual salary is 34.6 million gross.

While his clause together with taxes is a billion euro.

If you would be Bale for more than half an hour you could buy a Iphone 7, (590 euro, official US value), Samsung Galaxy S7 S7 Edge (714 euro, official values in Europe).

Just think, It took you about a minute and a half to read this news, meanwhile Bale has won 60 euro.