Benzema unhappy again

It does not matter if he was among the best in the field, or the fact that scored a goal, Karim Benzema had to be substituted eearlierĀ than his teammates because of tactical substitution.

Zinedine Zidane decided to take off Benzema from the field after 65 minutes, replacing him with Lucas Vazquez.

Benzema has startet 10 games in the 2016/17 season in the Champions League and La Liga, Benzema was replaced in 9 games, something that began to annoy the striker.

Although he does not show emotions in such cases, in last night’s match he was unable to hide the disappointment.

28-year-old took off the gloves in a hurry and not looked at anyone from the sidelines.

Not only that he was replaced, but Benzema was also the first player who was out from the field and the decidion of his coach Zinedine Zidane frustrated him.


Real Madrid ended with a disappointing 3-3 result in a visit to Warsaw and now need to do more to secure a place among the top 16.