Inisgnie to Barcelona? Napoli president answerd

Aurelio De Laurentiis spoke about Napoli’s transfer market yesterday, here is what he had to say on the matter: “Raiola offered Insigne to Barcelona? He could do whatever he wants but he first has to go over my dead body. Since I am alive there isn’t much to do….”. He then added in an interview with Sky (via Repubblica): ” Raiola is a sympathetic funny guy. When he talks to us he is always very convincing and we often agree on things. I remember when he tried to transfer Hamsik away from Napoli but failed. He has been working with us for 10 years now. He now wants to transfer Insigne away from us, let’s see if he succeeds”.

ON BERARDI – “I have always liked him. There are many players that I and Giuntoli like, something will happen”.

ON REINA – “He has a contract with us. PSG came forward and offered us 5 million euros (plus 2 million euros in bonuses) but I told them thanks but no thanks. They still want to talk to you ? About what, there isn’t much to add…”.