Amazing, young boy roused from coma after he hears Cristiano Ronaldo goal! (VIDEO)

Football it’s not only a game. It’s passion, emotions that sometimes can make miracles. Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most popular footballers not only in the pitch, but even out of it. He has a lot of fans that admire him. Some of them have him as a rule model for their life.

One of this fans it’s for sure the young Polish boy David Pawlaczyc. He was in coma for a period of time and when nobody believed a miracle happens. While in coma, Ronaldo have scored, and the young David have heard the goal celebration. Immediately after that he has woke up from coma.

After this, Cristiano Ronaldo has meet with the boy and greet him for passing this hard period for him and his family. For more details you can see the video here: