New talent in the European football. Already scored 20 goals!

Porto striker Andre Silva is running as an extraordinary form this season. He has scored a lot of goals from the beginning of the season. He is 20 years, but a player that plays almost every game from the first minute, while in the last four games has scored four goals.

Porto’s talent has scored 18 league goals. Seventh in the league, three in the Cup and eight forthe national team eight (4 goals with the national A and four U-21). Fast, accurately finalized, excellent use of both feet and with a fantastic technique.

These elements have made full 28 clubs seeking his services.

These are all 28 teams that require: Atalanta, Aston Villa, Atletico Madrid, Osasuna, Barcelona, Bayer Leverkusen, Borussia Dortmund, Celta Vigo, Chelsea, Eintracht Frankfurt, Eibar, Inter, Juventus, Leicester, Manchester United, Monaco, Milan, Midlesbrought, Montpellier, Newcastle, Sunderland, Sassuolo , Sevilla, Valencia, Villareal, UAE, West Ham, Wolfsburg.