“I can not believe what I see” -see how football world reacted after Trump was elected president (Photo / Video)


“Good morning everyone. In case you have not heard, Donald Trump was elected 45th president of the United States of America “, so begins the summary 90min.com stationery.

But, this English site was not the only one angry site with the American presidential election.

Many players, football people and fans reacted angrily on social networks after the elections.

“I do not believe what I see. This is embarrassing, ” wrote Vertonghen (defender Tottenahm).

“I’d like to talk to someone who is really pro Trump, to see what is happening in their heads, I can not find one,”  Vertonghen again.

“My dream for MLS has ended?” Wrote Bayer midfielder Javi Martinez.

“What the hell has happened, let us put all idiots at the top and then  see what happens,” wrote  Manchester City captain, Vincent Kompany.


“President Trump. Only in America “, wrote British problematic player, Joseph Barton.

“We live in extraordinary times,” wrote Gary Linker.

“I am very intrigued to see who will be the next president! Get off the fence and say that Trump will win, although I would have voted for Hillary Clinton, “wrote Sean St Ledge.

Remember the famous sliding Steven Gerrard to Chelsea? It has returned to the stage.

Introducing the new President of the United States, Donald Trump…