Shkodran Mustafi: This is why I started to pray five times a day

Shkodran Mustafi is one of the most successful muslim  players in the world, he is also a world cup winner.

Arsenal member besides being a very good player, he is also good at practicing Islam.

He has shown an interesting story why he did’nt drink alohool when he was at Everton years ago.

“I started to practice religion from the age of 17. I was part of Everton. We went with teammates for dinner and all my friends where drinking but I did not. One of my friend asked why you do not drink you are German, I said I am a Muslim and I do not drink alcohol, “said Mustafi.

“My teammate always asked me why I am a Muslim, and I told him my parents are Muslim and I was raised in a family of believers”.

“I never asked myself why I am Muslim. My parents have taught me but I never wondered why I do not drink, why I don’t eat pork or other things. ”

“I started reading and searching for this answers, since then I started to pray five times a day and I feel happy with this,” said Mustafi.

“Faith is very similar to football. If you do not believe in what you are doing is useless because it will be bad, ” said the Albanian.

Mustafi is known in the  football world as player who practices Islam.