Conor McGregor Crops Fan Out of Instagram Photo, Fan Returns the Favor (Photo)


After every win in the UFC Conor McGregor fame  is growing by very fast.

Conor became the first fighter that holds titles in both UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) categories , after the second round KO he gave to the former lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez.

After this victory, and his fame reached the highest level, things have gone so far as he and Floyd Mayweatherit have begun to harass each other.

But the Irishman has become a media sensation again, but this time he removed a fan from the picture and posted on Instagram only himself.

But the fan response was even better.

Gucci mustard

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The  response from the fans came immediately , Erin Safran, in a post on her Twitter profile says:


“If you have a bad day just remember that @TheNotoriousMMA (Conor McGregor) removed us form our picture.”

But Erin did not stop there, she posted the photo on her Instagram where she removed Conor from the picture and wrote:

“I want to apologize to … absolutely no one,” she wrote, quoting the words of McGregor after the victory over Alvarez.

“I want to take this opportunity to apologize… to absolutely nobody.” @thenotoriousmma

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