Cristiano Ronaldo, the highest paid athlete in the world, how he earns and spends millions (Photo)

Cristiano Ronaldo is already the highest paid athlete in all sports and now he has a new lifetime contract with Nike.

He is the third athlete that has a lifetime agreement with Nike, as LeBron James and Michael Jordan.

Ronaldo has also signed a new contract with Real Madrid which would hold Portuguese to Los Blancos for the next five years. These agreements, together with some others, give him millions of millions every year.

Below you can see how CR7 makes and spends millions:

Ronaldo has won 88 million euro in the last 12 months, according to Forbes he is the highest paid athlete in the world.


More than a third of them (32 million) are agreements with companies like Tag Heuer and Nike.

I’m proud to have my @tagheuer Special edition! #DontCrackUnderPressure

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He also has deals with companies like Herbalife, Castrol, Samsung and KFC.


He earned over 12 million dollars a year from Nike before the lifetime deal and just think Nike and CR7 and are in agreement since 2003.

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With the new Nike deal Ronaldo will earn 22 million euro per year and thus will be paid until the end of his life. This agreement will reach 1 billion dollar when Ronaldo fills 73 years.

Ronaldo has recently renewed his contract for another five years with Real Madrid and earns 430,000 euros a week and 22 million per year, this agreement will hold him to Los Blancos until the age of 36.


If a club wants to buy Ronaldo they must pay the clause that Madrid has placed to him and that vaule is 1 billion euros.

But how he spends all this money spent? One of his hobbies are cars. He drives a Lamborghini Aventador worth 280, 000 Euros, and also Maserati with the same price.


He has a Bentley, Porsche, Mercedes and many more.

But Ronaldo is not always careful with them. In 2009 he made an accident with his Ferrari that costed 300,000 Euros, The accident happened in Manchester, where he was playing at the time.


He lives in a 7.1 million house in La Finca, a neighborhood in Madrid where only the rich people live.

Because we are talking for property, in 2015 it was reported that Ronaldo has bought an apartment in Trump Towers in Manhattan worth 17.5 million dollars.


He has a hotel in his birth city (Madeira, Portugal).


Also advertised watches Jacob and Co. worth 150,000 euro, an indication that there is an agreement with the company.


Ronaldo liked so much his wax statue he spent 29,000 euros to keep one for himself.


The original is kept in the Madrid wax Museum and it is reported that Ronaldo hired a hairdresser to change the hair style whenever he changes during matches. He makes the same with statue in his home.

Ronaldo’s fame has led the Portuguese to have very good private life as well, earlier he was in relationship with Irina Shayk and it was a hit in the media.


After five years the broke up in January 2015.

Ronaldo is also an admirer of fashion. He looks good in serious clothes as in sports jersey.


Ronaldo is also a fan of “Cryotherapy” where the body is subject to low temperatures, such as minus 264 degrees, which helps muscles recover faster.


Ronaldo is Armani model and has his own line of underwear along with designer Richard Chai.

Between fashion and cold, he is part of advertising, such as a telephone company from Israel.

But hе e is not always dear to opposing fans.

“I think it is just because I’m rich, beautiful and great player and people envy me. I have no other explanation, “said Ronaldo.


But, he does not hesitate to show the human moments, like crying when he won the Golden Ball in 2015.

He is also very charitable, has donated 154,000 euros for a cancer center and 77,000 euro for a 10-year Portuguese fan brain operation.