Revealed: what Koke said to Ronaldo, class respond from Cristiano!

Real Madrid defeated Atletico Madrid  with the score 0-3 in the last La Liga week.

One of the most commented moments of this challenge was the incident betwenn Cristiano Ronaldo and Koke in the second half.

Spanish radio station Cope has already revealed some details of the confrontation. Below you have the talk of Ronaldo with two teammates after the match, where the Portuguese explained to them what had really happened.

Ronaldo: Koke called me faggot!

Mate: What?

Ronaldo: He called me faggot. I said: ‘If we meet in Madrid, you will see what I will do to you.

Mate: What will you do?

Ronaldo: Nothing, what should I do?

Another teammate who arrived later in the conversation: Who said it?

Ronaldo: Koke, he called me faggot. I said: ‘Yes, a gay, but very rich, idiot.

It is worth mentioning that in this meeting Ronaldo scored three goals.