100 biggest transfers of football history


‘Goal’ has published the list of 100 most expensive transfer in football history

French midfielder Paul Pogba is the most expensive transfer in the history of football , who for 110 million euro moved from Juventus to Manchester United.

Gareth Bale Cristiano Ronaldo are in second and third postion, while the top five conclude, Gonazo Higuain and Neymar.

Below  you can see the top 10 most expensive transfers, while here  you can see the full list of 100 Transfer:

1. Paul Pogba from Juventus in United for 110 million euros


2. Gareth Bale from Tottenham to Real Madrid for 101 million

3. United’s Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid for 94 million

4. Gonzalo Higuain from Napoli to Juventus for 90 million

5. Neymar from Santos to Barcelona for 88 million

6. Suarez from Liverpool to Barcelona for 81 million

7. James Rodriguez from Monaco to Real Madrid for 75 million

8. Di Maria from Real Madrid to Manchester United for 75 million

9. De Bruyne from Wolfsburg to Man. City for 74 million

10. Zinedine Zidane from Juventus to Real Madrid for 73.5 million