Carlos: Shame on Messi and Barcelona


The former Real Madrid star Roberto Carlos has criticized Barcelona and Lionel Messi for their absence in “FIFA Football Awards”

Gala evening “FIFA Football Awards”, which was held last night at Zurich, was boycotted by Lionel Messi and Barcelona.

In the evening, the star of Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo was declared the best player for 2016.

Former Los Blancos star Roberto Carlos, has criticized the lack of Barcelona and Messi in FIFA Football Awards.

“I am sad and disappointed how Leo and his teammates did not come. They have many great players and all of us would like to see them in the ceremony,” said Carlos.


“We all wanted to see Messi, and other players  and also Barcelona coach here. This is an award of FIFA. FIFA is the highest authority in football, so everyone should be here,”.

“Cristiano has learned the importance of this and I think Leo also needs to learn that he should be here. This must change. Real Madrid also have a game this week, but they are well in Zurich,” said the Brazilian.