10 reasons why Ronaldo is better than Messi


La Gazzetta dello Sport has published 10 reasons why Cristiano Ronaldo is better than Messi.
Cristiano Ronaldo has beaten Leo Messi on the race for Ballon d’Or and The best of 2016 by FIFA.

This decision proves the Italian daily La Gazzetta dello Sport, which gives 10 reasons why Ronaldo is better than Leo Messi.

Here are the 10 reasons:

1. His game is more complete.

2. He uses both feet and has a good head kick.

3. He has a perfect physical.

4. He has won in England and in Spain, showing that he is able to win in any environment.

5. He managed to win with the national team, while Messi has lost a World Cup final and two America’s Cup final.

6. He has scored 10 more goals in the Champions League.

7. He earns more.

8. It is active in solidarity. From Chapecoensen donation up to initiatives for children in Palestine.

9. He is the only one who has won the Golden Boot 4 times (3 times Messi).

10.He is the player who has scored two goal per game in Champions League history.

However, “Gazzetta della Sport” points out that this is the current situation, that could change very quickly from the magic of Messi.