Pogba to Henry: Please tell Ibrahimovic to leave me the free-kicks

Pogba and Ibrahimovic made a spectacle in an interview with Sky Sports, where he was interviewed by the legend Thierry Henry.
Most interesting was the moment when Pogba asks Henry tell Ibra that he needs to continue to execute free kicks, despite not scoring goals from free-kick.

In the video below, from minute 1:45, you have the conversation that took place on this topic.

Pogba: Just tell him to leave me the free-kicks

Henry: The last shot was wonderful

Pogba: Yes, just tell him to allwo me to continue with the free-kicks

Ibrahimovic: But it was it a goal?

Henry: No

Ibrahimovic: Then I will execute the other . I said – if  he scores a goal, then it will let him. I hoped the ball would go in the net , but no. Pog forgive me.

Pogba: I was disapinted when i did not score in the last free-kick

Ibrahimovic told to the Frenchman that  ‘the goal will come from free kicks, “.