10 amazing facts about Lionel Messi!

We know that Messi is one of the best football players in the history, but do we know much about him!? Searching for him we could find some interesting facts that haven’t heard before. Here are the 10 facts about Messi that we didn’t knew:

1. Messi had growth hormone deficiency

2. His first contract was signed on a napkin paper because the Barcelona staff didn’t wanted to lose them!

3. Messi is a foodie. He loves grilled meat and Italian food.

4. He was offered to play for Spain but he refused, even though he was 13 when he went to live in Spain.

5. His debut for Argentina lasted 44 seconds! He entered on the pitch as substitute and 44 seconds after was sent off with a red card!

6. By heritage Messi is Italian.

7. He is the UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador

8. In 2007 he founded Messi Foundation for helping unhealthy children and helping them with treatment and food.

9.  He won 3 European Golden Shoe

10.  His son is already signed by the Newell’s Old Boys supporters club. Only 72 hours after the son of Messi, Thiago came in this world, his grandfather singed a contract in his name with Messi’s first clube Newell’s Old Boys team.