Rivaldo: This is the ideal player for Barcelona


Rivaldo believes that Coutinho will fit in Barcelona.
Former Barcelona star Rivaldo believes that Philippe Coutinho should be transferred to the Spanish champions. Coutinho has been doing really well in the Premier League since joining from Inter Milan in 2012-13, for 8.5 million pounds.

24-year-old has long been linked with a possible departure from “Anfield”, despite coach Jurgen Klopp insists he is not for sale.

But Rivaldo, two-time winner of La Liga with Barcelona, ​​believes that the transfer of Coutinho would be smart move from Barcelona.


“In my opinion, he is excellent player he knows Neymar very well” Rivaldo said on Sky Sports interview.

“He is a player that would assist Barcelona. If this transfer occurs, it would be a smart move for Barcelona, ​​”said Rivaldo.

“The big clubs need the best and Coutinho is the best,” he said.