Guardiola: “We made a lesson with the ball”

Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola analysed the derby won against Manchester United in the post-match press conference:

“The first half was really good. The last minute was a wonderful goal from Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

“In the second half, we knew they could change the system – they put Paul Pogba and Marouane Fellaini more in front and they were much stronger.

“The second half was an open match. We had a lot of counter-attacks. If you have three on three, four on four, five on five, you have to make the most because in the last minutes, many things can happen.

“We played good. We had the ball and when we lost it, we won it back quickly. We produced enough chances.

“You can’t come to Old Trafford and dominate. It’s impossible.

“The central defenders – John and Nico – were fantastic.

“What Claudio Bravo did was among the best performances I’ve ever seen. I like goalkeepers to play in front and after that [United] goal, he carried on playing in our build-up, playing long balls and coming out to pick it up.

“In football, it’s about how you respond to mistakes – it shows personality. He carried on playing. It means a lot.

“The way we train and the way we play has given me a lot of confidence.

“We played great in the first half because of Claudio. I like the keepers to attack the ball and after what went down, in the second half he continued to play and that’s a good thing about his character. He was one good reason we played well in the first half.

“Yeah [if you pass the ball from the back] it can be too high-risk; if you lose the ball they will score but you can handle the game.

“Until my last day in England I am going to try to play with the ball as much as possible. I know it’s impossible for 90 minutes but I’m sorry, I will not negotiate that.

“Today we made a lesson with the ball.”


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