Zidane: Zidane: We will not defend, we have to win

Zidane is only thinking about Tuesday’s match, he did not mention the positive result from the first match at the Allianz Arena.

On Tusday, 1st May will be known the first Champions League finalist for 2017/18.

Real Madrid or Bayern Munich? – These two teams will fight in Santiago Bernabeu tomorrow for a place in the final, where the locals are ahead from the triumph 1-2 on the away match at Allianz Arena.

How will they play, will there be any changes in the lineup, Zinedine Zidane did not want to talk about these, saying he only wants to come down to the field and win, as this is the only way he can secure the qualification .

“It’s the semifinal and we know its importance. We know what to do, but we do not need to change anything, “he said.

“What we did away was good, but it’s up to that match now we have to demonstrate that we want to go to the final and win,” Zizu added.

“We have to go to the field and win, to score as soon as possible, without doing anything strange, not to give up until the end.”