Mourinho: “4-5 of my players were not there in the first half”


Manchester United boss José Mourinho was clearly unhappy after the defeat in the derby versus Manchester City, especially his team’s performance in the first half, where Guardiola’s side was in total control of the game:

“The two halves were totally different. In the first half, we were under the level to play this match. You need to be prepared in terms of the speed of your thinking and making decision,” Jose told BBC Sport.

“We had a couple of players who weren’t preforming at high level , we lost control of the ball very easy and let them recover the ball. We paid for our mistakes.


“The other half was very different. We were a group that had the bravery and honesty and dignity to chase with pride the result that I think we deserved – we deserved to score a goal in the second half.

“I can’t be happy with our first half. The first half is also important as the other half. We had players who didn’t give us what we were expecting – three, four or five players. Obviously, they are the first ones to be disappointed. They self-analyse and know they weren’t there. We gave them an advantage in 45 mins.”



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