Sergio Ramos not happy with the fans!

Sergio Ramos has hit Real Madrid fans. He admitted that there are period of time when the team don’t play in high level but in same time he added that in that period they need more support and not only to be whistled by the fans.

“I’ve spent many years here and like Marcelo said after the Cup game the other day, all of the great players have been whistled here at some point. It’s a wake-up call to make the team respond. But it’s in the difficult moments that we need them to be behind us, not giving us sh*t and kicking us when we are down” said Sergio Ramos.
He also added that he understand the fans but also wants them to understand the team. “We know how our fans are and we like the way they are. The objective is that we all take this forward together.” ended his statement Sergio Ramos, the captain of Real Madrid.