Ronaldo shows a big human personality!

One of the biggest stars of the current football, Cristiano Ronaldo is again put in the spotlight for bringing his full humanity, and showed that he is not only great footballer but he also is very human to people that need help and support.

4-year-old Mustafa Haydar left alone and orphaned during the bombing in Syria, while the only members of his family live in the capital of England in London.

Portuguese star football decided to help this boy, even using personally connections he has in England, to take the kid in London.

It must be remembered that Ronaldo met the boy not long ago, and since then he did not forget but decided to offer ongoing assistance even to this day.

The media have reported this news, wrote  that “in this sea of ​​capitalism, selfishness unprecedented and living fast, Ronaldo has shown once again what it means to be a man of high virtues”