Even though the BBC faded during the season they were very present in the UCL victory

Even though the BBC attacking trio faded during the season they were very present in the Champions League victory against Liverpool.

It is true that it was the most irregular year for the trident, but their end of the season display leads to the question of whether after all they are finished.

At the beginning of the campaign, Cristiano Ronaldo experienced his worst streak since landing in Madrid, enough to suggest his decline. But the Portuguese striker turned things around for himself while 2/3 of the BBC continued to struggle on the pitch.

Karim Benzema was benched in numerous of matches but finally made his way into the initial lineup in Madrid’s Champions League match against Juventus as well as the derby at the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu.

During the Frenchman’s dark hours with the Spanish giants, Bale was also experiencing the same, being a substitute in crucial matches.

It is also true that until the final in Kiev, the BBC had not played a single minute together in the Champions league, something unusual since they linked up in Madrid.

But for a short time against Liverpool, they joined forces, which ended in Benzema scoring once and Bale twice to give their side the title.

Despite Benzema finding the back of the net in the final, his goalscoring figures have been very poor this season, as Cedric Bakambu, who plays in China, has scored twice as many goals as the French international.

Meanwhile, Bale, who netted five goals in his last four LaLiga games, one of them at the Camp Nou, was stuck on the bench in Kiev.

“If they are well, they are the best,” Zinedine Zidane said in the press conference ahead of the final.

“They have been demonstrating it for some time”.

At the Bernabeu party, the much-criticized BBC did not miss their opportunity to take a picture with the European Cup.

It was their way of leaving a final message, especially to those who believe the BBC have lost their threat.