Ancelotti says there is better player then Ronaldo, Messi and Ibrahimovic?

Everyone would be surprised with these words of Carlo Ancelotti that now is manager of Bayern Munich. From the experience he has with great player he has admitted that in Bayern there is a player that is better then Ronaldo and Ibrahimovic in the attacking line.

This player according to Anchelotti is Thomas Muller who also have coached Ronaldo in Madrid and Ibrahimovic in Milan.

The Italian admits that even though he has managed teams with player like Ronaldo and Ibrahimovic he says that he doesn’t believe that there is a player with better tactical quality like Thomas Muller.

Carlo Ancelotti is one of the best managers in the history of football that has won a lot of trophies with different clubs. He spent his best years as manager in AC Milan where he won 2 Champions League cups.