Milan continues the road for the top of Seria A!


An emotional derby in Seria A was playing tonight in San Siro between AC Milan and Lazio. E match that in percentage seemed to be balance but was dominated by the rossonieri. The comback from suspension of Juraj Kucka showed perfect result in the midfield of AC Milan. The first goal was scored in 37 minute from a counter-attack with a perfect pass from Suso towards Bacca who scored one on one agains Lazio’s young goalkeeper Strakosha.

The second half started also balance, but with more security from Montela’s team that played perfectly in all the part of the pitch. The most serious chance for Lazio was when Keita Balde took a ball in the 16 meters from the goal and tried to go forward but Paletta stop him with a perfect tackle.


In the 76 minute of the game the faster Niang run from the right side and tried to pass the ball in the box but Radu who tried to stop this pass played with his hand and the referee whistle for a penalty that was scored by Niang.

After the second goal Milan controlled all the match until the end of 94 minutes that were played.

With these three point now Milan has 9 points and are positioned in the top of the table in Seria A.



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